What are the best iPhone applications for programmers?

There's quite a lot of them, but you should definitely check out:

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What does it feel like to swim?

Swimming is one of the best feelings in the world that I can imagine.When I am in the water, nothing else really matters anymore. Not the test I failed, not the argument I had with someone, not the everyday struggles of life, nothing matters, it is just me and the water.The

How can Democrats and Republicans agree to disagree and find neutral ground?

The problem isn't that this can't or won't happen, it very much used to, a lot.The problem is that Republicans have realized their base is best controlled simply.They've whipped them into a frenzy over two issues, abortion and immigration.One is legally settled, they just didn't like the outcome, the other is made up, no data supports it.So what gets

What are clues a girl wants to go on a date?

You ask her out, and she says yes.Don't try to read the tea leaves here. Signs and clues and other portents could mean anything and are so open to interpretation that a dozen different people could look at a gesture or glance and come up with a dozen different