What are the best internet service providers in Boise, Idaho?

Best is kind of a loaded answer.  There are two major ones in Boise.  Centurylink and CableOne. 

What it really boils down to, is the neighborhood.  Some neighborhoods support one or the other better.   Though, Cable One seems to be better overall, now.  (Previously, I would have awarded Centurylink #1 a couple years ago... so things are fluid). 

I switched to Cable One a few months ago.  Centurylink was charging a lot for a very low speed.  On top of that, their quality went down hill badly.  Tons of buffering on Netflix which I should not have been getting with a 20 meg connection.

CableOne is cheaper, and is FAR faster (their lowest tier starts at 100 meg, and they recently introduced gigabit service... though, I have not seen it).  Their major problem, is data caps.  They have very low data caps, and the bump to a new tier is expensive.  The lower tier is 300 meg cap.  The next tier up bumps that to 400.  If they were to double their data caps, I would easily call them the #1 provider.  As it stands now, it is a tradeoff between similar prices, though one has much, MUCH higher bandwidth for the price.  When you talk to Centurylink, they always mention that Cable is a shared connection.  This has never been an issue for me, or anyone I know that has Cableone.  They do have good local infrastructure. So, if you need tons of bandwidth, Cable One is your best bet.  If you don't, but you use a ton of data... then centurylink is your best bet.  It has been my experience that Centurylink also has poor service during primetime. 

I hope that helps you out. 

I got tired of the brief (as in lasting only a few minutes) service outages CableOne would have (with Internet, not CATV)... they would disconnect my remote sessions during the work day, and it taxed my patience for many months.

CableOne would not (or could not) fix the problem; it became too time-consuming to call them and sit through their automated system (which requests that I reboot my cable modem, router, etc...), only to have them dispatch an installer to my home (who confirmed there was no problem with my equipment).  This became routine... by the time I reached a "live" person on the phone, the problem (lasting only a few minutes) had fixed itself.  They, in turn, would end up dispatching someone - unnecessarily - to my home.  Even at night, while watching Netflix, there would be times when the connection would time-out (bear this in mind - compare it to what happens next).

I finally got fed up enough where I went through the inconvenience of switching from CableOne Internet to CTC Telecom - despite knowing that I'd be going from 100Mbit to only 40Mbit (per second)... since that's the maximum CTC's ADSL service would support using my wire pairs (you can get up to 50Mbit/sec in a better area).

After the switch, all problems ceased to exist.  My Netflix was never interrupted again, and (more importantly) my remote shell sessions never timed out due to loss of keep-alive packets.  In addition, I gained a static IP (the only type CTC hands out)... thus obviating the need for DynDNS.  As for the speed loss, it's inconsequential and imperceptible.  If you have several family members who stream content, this may not be the ideal solution for you.  However, if you primarily want reliable internet for work reasons, this is the best residential (as in "non-business rates") solution.

I also purchased an ADSL modem from eBay (the same model that CTC uses) for $35, saving myself an additional $7/month in fees from CTC.  I configured the modem in "pass-thru" mode, so that I could continue to use my Asus RT-N66U as my WiFi router.

Three fundamental web suppliers cover right around 100% of all of Boise, and the main contrast is the download speed every one offers. So whether you utilize the web for simply messaging or you're in the best positions of your gaming world, will undoubtedly discover one that works best for you.

Rise Broadband has for all intents and purposes 100% scope with settled remote, so you don't have to stress over if its available in your general vicinity. It offers either 25 or 50 Mbps, so the two designs gives you enough speed to look through perpetual Wikipedia articles, refresh your web-based social networking following, or do your online homework without interferences. Nonetheless, Rise Broadband has an information top of 350 GB for every month, so if your family unit has a couple of Netflix orgy watchers, substantial gamers, or is associated through numerous gadgets, you will achieve this point of confinement quicker than you might suspect. Your speed will back off fundamentally once you achieve the information top.

Link ONE gives you digital web with 99% scope, anyway it's not accessible in some northern and easten parts of Boise. Unquestionably check with this web supplier if it's offered in your area. In the event that it is, its designs begin from 15 Mbps to 1000 Mbps, so you have a considerable amount of choices for whatever you require. The 15 Mbps gives you access to your messages, shopping locales, and online sites immediately. This arrangement is extremely best for little family units with couple of gadgets. The 1000 Mbps, be that as it may, gives you unlimited potential outcomes for whatever you need to do. You can play various network shows crosswise over various screens, be associated through your recreations with solid speed, or download boundless tunes and motion pictures under two minutes. 1000 Mbps is an awesome for huge families, families, or even private ventures.

CenturyLink has a 98% scope barring little southern parts of the city, making it among the best three reachable suppliers. It offers DSL and fiber, with plans beginning at 10 to 140 Mbps. 10 Mbps is incredible for your light web perusing, such as looking through Facebook or browsing your messages. It isn't incredible for gushing 720p YouTube recordings, Netflix appears in HD, or overwhelming gamers. 140 Mbps does the majority of that and more with a quicker and more solid speed, so pick the higher number in case you're hoping to remain associated with no slacks.

In case you're in a region where rapid web isn't offered, suppliers, for example, Excede and HughesNet give you satellite web with reasonable rates. Excede isn't the best for substantial web clients who get a kick out of the chance to watch, downloading, and gaming all in the meantime, yet there isn't a lot of a decision in case you're living in a region with little scope. HughesNet in Boise in just offered to organizations and not that numerous inhabitants right now, so Excede for satellite is your best decision.

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