What are the best kept secrets about South Korean women?

It is an open secret and not for every Korean women but some-
1. They photoshop their passport photos. There are special softwares to give the desired looks.

2. Don't be surprised if some of their childhood or earlier photos do not match with their current face. Plastic surgery is quit common in S. Korea for both men and women.

3. Women in their late 20s, 30s and even 40s does ''Aegyo'' (acting extremely cute and making squeaky nasally baby sounds while talking) and calls their honey ''Oppa'' (literal translation would be older brother but it is usually used for an older guy or even a lover in some stances even if the girl is older than the guy) which for non Koreans are hard to digest.

4. They take ''Selca'' which means 'Self captured' photos and make cute and weird faces like fish mouth, blowfish face, pouty lips, scorn face, smouldering looks...etc and post them with lots of hearts/ stamps pasted on it, brightness adjusted, etc.

5. They wear circle lenses which is a contact lens to make their eyes look humongous. This was very trendy sometime back but now natural looks is trending in S. Korea but you will still find circle lens quite popular for selcas/ selfies.

6. They are very fashion conscious which is a good thing in my opinion. They in large looks quite trendy as compared to other country women and it is true for majority of Korean people. Many middle class people also has at least one big name designer item with them which is very common in Asia.

7. Some of the stylish women like to show off their long legs and wear extremely short dresses and skirt to the point of showing their panties/ tights but showing cleavage and midriff is slutty for them but it is changing in recent times thanks to pop groups like Sistar and others.

8. Korean average women is taller than other Asian women.

9. Korean women consider small face more beautiful and compare their faces with the size of their fist. Smaller the face, prettier they think it is. Some even go the extend of downsizing the face by shaving off their jaw line and restructuring their face to make it look tiny. Ideal beauty for them is Yoona of Girls Generation who has small face but tall body.

10. They are very conscious of their ''body line''. Check this link to try to understand what the body line means- http://www.asianplasticsurgerygu...
This particularly is found only in S. Korea.

11. This you will find only in S. Korea with reference to the Korean women celebrities- Nation's little sister, Nation's first love, Nation's sweetheart, Nation's fairy, Nation's uhm-chin-ddal (your mother's friend's brilliant daughter who you get compared to)....etc... go figure.

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