What are the best movies or TV shows on Netflix about powerful families from history?

There are two different shows about the infamous Borgia family. One is Canal+ and the other is done by Showtime. Personally, I love the Canal+ version. I loved both Cesarés,Lucrezias,and Rodrigos. The only drawback is the Showtime version doesn't portray the family's history as far as the Canal+ one does. Showtime did release the script for season 3 and it's availanle on iTunes.

Whats been your best investment in the last 5 years?

It depends on what best investment means to each person. It depends on the risk level of each individual most of the time.As a financial adviser before, I would say investments that match the risk tolerance of the person would be the best one. Since there will be ups and downs in the market, would you like it to

What are the best Hallmark Christmas movies on YouTube?

As John points out, the legally uploaded films Hallmark Christmas Films you find on youtube will be available to rent; the others could be removed at any time. You may want to look to additional sites to see what else you can stream for a small fee - to get you started, here is a list

Is adoption really worth it?

I was adoptedI found out at age 33It was a shock to me because I never suspected anythingMy feelings were why how where when whatBut because I had been brought up in such a loving home I chose not to look for my birth parents until my adopted parents