What are the best movies without any plot twists?

It would be hard to imagine any movie, even a "short subject," without a twist to the plot.  It would have to be a film without a plot, let alone a twist.  A documentary, for instance, immersing the viewer in a particular way of life: something to be witnessed for its own sake.

For example, the 1929 experimental film Man with a Movie Camera, an almost kaleidoscopic view of life in a big Russian city.  Scene follows scene, quickly and independently, with no story line.

Or the first film in a series known as the Qatsi trilogy: Koyaanisqatsi (1982), with frenzied images of modern urban civilization.  You could call the succession of images a development, or a plot; but there is, at any rate, no twist.

In Lord of the Rings, did each Ring of Power have its own jewel, apart from the One Ring?

Except for the lesser, unnamed rings, yes. Gandalf at first thought the One Ring was one of the lesser rings because the only power it seemed to exhibit (in Bilbo's hands) was invisibility. It was only after Saruman told him that all the Great Rings had jewels that he began to suspect that Bilbo's

What is inertial frame?

The frame of reference whose a = 0 i.e acceleration is zero is called inertial frame of referenceIt can also be defined as a frame where Newton's laws of motion are valid.Example : A car standing still or moving with constant velocity