What are the best reference books for class 9 cbse?

it seems you are quite excited for the new session and you should be. : )

so here are some list of books which are quite popular and good too.


  1. NCERT is enough for securing full marks
  2. arihant all in one is also good. it has nice summary,questions and all you need for exams
  3. xamidea was the last moment savior most of the time. it has concise summary and point wise answers which are easy to remember


  1. NCERT first ,then others.Also try ncert exemplar(available at ncert website)
  2. RD sharma is the most preferred by teachers .lots of questions,practice,practice and practice(i generally solved all examples & frankly speaking its boring solving same type questions in the exercise :) but you should)
  3. arihant all in one, xamidea,together with are optional but questions for exams generally from ncert and these.


  1. NCERT
  2. S CHAND BOOKS; lakhmir and manjit kaur is quite informative and you build your concepts stronger.(it is theory book)
  3. arihant all in one has question and answer which are useful,nicely explained and praticals(dont forget it)you could also prefer together with


  1. NCERT books are 3 types : one for literature ,one for writing section,artcles,stories,etc(MCB) and a workbook for grammar.Also a novel.
  2. all in one,xamidea,together with,etc anything you want(i dont find it necessary though)


  1. NCERT book and a grammar book is all you need
  2. for question answers can get fullmarks, golden guide,etc


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