What are the best spectator sports?

I would say it is Hockey. The speed is so fast that you can't really get the experience watching it on TV. That is why they paint the pucks path on screen, just so you can see where the puck is at. When you see how fast they are shooting it, it is amazing. Players have had broken bones from the impact.

The players are zooming back and forth across the ice, so you are not stuck waiting a long time, for the action to come to wherever you are seating. Plus the walls shake with the impact of the players hitting it. You can't really understand how hard they are hitting each other on a broadcast. When you watch two players slam each other into the boards, it feels like the whole place is shaking.

And watching them use the hockey sticks, you can realize how easy it is to serious injury someone. Which is one of the reasons, why you see a lot of fights break out.

But if you go there to see fights, I recommend going to the minor leagues. The Pros have tried to clean up the sport, so even thou they still happen, they try to limit it, or break them up quickly. The Minor leagues usually let them have more leeway.

What is the best fitness program for beginners willing to pay for the best one?

I don't think you need to pay much for a good program.Here's what you need.1. Aerobic exercises: running stepper, swimming cycling. 20 minutes is good 30 is beter and 40 is best. You'll get the info at http//www.aeabyte.com.2. for strength, at home, situps, pressups and squats. At

Does blending things make them less healthy?

Even if you didn't blend something, you'd chew it before you ate it, so "breaking the fiber" isn't a problem. Actually, blending is really similar to chewing, it mashes the food up and breaks it up mechanically into smaller pieces. If humans ate food whole (like snakes), it

People who are overweight: do you see it as a medical problem or an emotional problem?

Both.Last month I had a relapse of what was originally thought to be binge eating disorder. In a meeting with my therapist, she explained that she thinks I actually have obsessive compulsive disorder and that compulsive overeating is how I avoid engaging