What are the best survival hacks on tour opinion?

It really comes down to being prepared. In most cases just a small pack with the right gear can help you survive almost anything. Top 10 Essential Survival Gear:

  1. food
  2. water
  3. shelter
  4. fire (matches)
  5. navigation (maps, compass)
  6. clothing
  7. repair kit (duct tape)
  8. sun gear (hat, sunscreen)
  9. Light
  10. First aid kit

Feel free to check out this post for more survival gear:

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Is the USA controlled by aliens?

If it is, then they are very crazy aliens! Actually, like all "conspiracy theories", this one tends to break down if you think about it rationally (even if, for the sake of arguement, one accepts the basic premise as a starting point). I won't belabor the point of "Who are the aliens and how

Should there be a third evidentiary standard for Sexual crimes: Ex. "High Probability of guilt greater than 85%," factoring in circumstantial evidence and supplementary evidence at a higher degree?

Dear Readers,I agree that a preponderance of evidence is more adequate than beyond a reasonable doubt in school settings.I agree that in rape cases and sexual misconduct, predators purposefully operate in the grey areas knowing that, in a lot of cases, there is not enough evidence to convict criminally.I proposed