What are the best things about Indian mothers?

It was my final semester pursuing post graduation in 2010. That day I had my 2nd paper and my mother was not at all feeling well. Now it was time to go for exam and I had to feed my mother. I left it to my daughter and asked her to feed idli . When I returned from my exam she was admitted into the hospital . She had pacemaker replacement for 2nd time. She was in ICU . It was evening by the time I returned from my exam . I went to her. She opened her eyes and saw me. She had oxygen mask and wanted to speak something. She slowly raised her hands and tried to write something on her left palm with her right hand. Then she questioned me with her hand. I was aware that she was enquiring about my exam . She wanted to know how my exam was . I replied that I wrote my exam well. She smiled and slept.

After 3 days she was discharged. All these days she was fine. The night before my last exam she was snoring . I was reading in the hall . I heard the sound and realised that she was not responding to my words. I cried and called my brother and father. My brother took her into his arms and ran to the hospital which was just 5 mins walk away . I stayed at home as I was having my last exam. Next day around 7.30 am I started to cook food and then to attend my exam. I was in kitchen and I suddenly heard my mother's voice . To my surprise she was in the hall. She was normal and fine. I hugged my mom. She immediately took bath and went to kitchen and prepared food . I had tears in my eyes and she did this to save my time as it was last exam.

Later my brother told me that she argued with doctor ,( as doctor knew us verywell.) She promised that she would come to the hospital in the evening just because she doesn't want to trouble me . I had cleared my exams at first attempt scoring good marks. It happened because of her blessings and true love.

Today she is no more but I can always feel her presence.

You are born alone and will die alone, but you are because of your mother. Never leave her hand in this journey coz your first step was with her :)

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Let it go. Guys sulk. I guess girls do too... but that's not really pertinent.Best remedy for a sulking partner? Have a great time. They'll have to either drop the sulk as it's obviously not working, or risk losing you. After all, someone having that great a time probably doesn't want to waste time

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Why do I feel this is an Indian mother-in-law asking this question - or someone who thinks marriage is just about procreation, love and sex be damned. Whatever - or whoever - is asking - this question reveals an ugly relationship, a marriage that is dead.Spouses may