What are the best things about NOT being married?

Apart from the obvious losses you suffer, there is a positive side of not marrying as well.

  1. Your salary belongs to only you.
  2. You do not have to get along with in laws esp a mother in law.
  3. You can go to bed whenever you wish.
  4. You don't worry about your kids' present or future.
  5. Your office administration is generally happy with you for ‘reasons'. You can stay longer at office.
  6. You can buy almost whatever you want without a second thought.
  7. No justifications for the food that was not well cooked. The cake which was over baked and the meat that was under cooked.
  8. You have the license to flirt.
  9. You generally remain happy unless made to feel sorry for yourself by others.
  10. Your bathroom is exclusively yours.

What are the top five most important lessons learned in business school?

There's a lot to learn in b-school. I learned a ton of academic and technical lessons. But I think perhaps some of the most useful lessons are as follows:1) "Never use yourself as a focus group" -- My strategy professor said this several times. Not

What is the maximum weight a human can lift?

While this answer may not be completely and totally scientific and accurate, I can try and break it down a little bit.The average human, while weightlifting on a continuous basis, is usually pretty happy if he can bench 1.5x his body

What do people do in romantic relationships?

They love each other and they share each other's bodies, they do nice things for each other, they talk, they date, they make plans for their shared future together and most importantly they have FUN. Good luck discovering all these things the world has to offer because it's all out there just waiting for you believe me you are