What are the best things to buy when visiting New Zealand?

Merino Woolen Goods

Merino wool or wool per se is not for every traveller. If you happen to be in living in a country where winter seems forever, Merino wool should catch your fancy, but if you happen to be living in South East Asia like me where it is Summer 24/7, the only reason I'm seeing you buying this is #justbecause. Merino wool is a must buy in New Zealands as it is one of the most ancient sheep breeds known to mankind and the quality of the wool is also one of the toughest yet the wool is still very much breathable. And they are not that expensive if you ask me as the wool boots prices range from 60 New Zealand dollars, just visit a major mall.

Jade Carving

Precious stones fanatic? Good thing jade carvings are the perfect must buy from New Zealand as there are plenty of options. Famous for the Maori design, New Zealand jades are handcrafted and for sure the jade you will be buying will be unique from the others, truly artisinal and the better way to explain is that buying jades in New Zealand will not make your wallet cry, prices do vary of course as style and cut matters for these handcrafted goodies.

Whittaker's Chocolate

Though you can find these chocolates almost anywhere, we can't help but include Whittaker's in this list as it is produced in no place else, but New Zealand! Like most sweets, there are plenty of choices, depends on what you like basically. And the best part, if you buy these at the airport at Duty Free, they are so cheap, you'll buy boxes. Sort of!

Dairy Products

Not the cow of course! It'll be weird if we do not mention dairy as part of this list, right? Dairy being New Zealand's biggest export (and for a good reason!) is a definite must buy food (souvenir) while travelling in the "Land of the Kiwis" as again, we would like to stress, produced locally. Not only that you'll find the dairy products, yummy, delicious and competitively priced too! Take home some butter & cheese, but just be sure to pack them nicely for your flight. Ok, butter, better not. It will melt!


Jade, otherwise known as greenstone or pounamu, necklaces are everywhere, EVERYWHERE! There is sure to be a Maori symbol carved from jade to match your special bond with the gift receiver. Traditionally, you are only supposed to buy a jade necklace with the intention of giving it as a gift. Not for yourself.


Whittaker's Chocolate is a brand from New Zealand, which you can tell your friends and family is a classic Kiwi item. Because it is chocolate, then who can complain?! The only problem here is choosing a flavour!


Give your granny some merino wool clothing to symbolise the obscene amount of sheep there are in New Zealand. On a more serious note, merino wool is notoriously soft and warm, used in all kinds of clothing from fashionable scarves to underlayers for outdoors enthusiasts. You can find merino wool garments in souvenir shops and most New Zealand-brand clothing stores.


New Zealand charms are a thing! Get some pretty special New Zealand charm jewellery for pretty special people. Both popular brands and more affordable branded-charms can be found in jewellery stores around New Zealand. Here is our favourite charm:


So they didn't get to go to New Zealand but your friends can feel like they have through wearing this T-shirt.


New Zealand is one of the world's leading wine-producing countries, particularly famous for its Sauvignon Blanc. Bring your family a bottle or two of New Zealand's finest wines. Popular wine regions are Marlborough, Hawke's Bay and Wairarapa.


On the subject of alcohol, New Zealand also produces a ton of craft beers. If you have a beer-drinker in your life, which let's be honest, who doesn't?, then you need to get them some!


This is Middle-earth, right? Get your nerdy friend something made by the team who produced props for The Lord of the Rings. Weta Cave in Wellington has a whole bunch of cool and quirky stuff, which Jens Hansen Ringmakers in Nelson make the official One Rings!


Show how ridiculously hilarious you are by offering your pals some sheep droppings all the way from New Zealand.


Wow, could this kiwi bird get anymore New Zealand-like?


For the rugby-enthusiast in your life. They too can look like one of the All Blacks.


It's the ultimate New Zealand power food! Manuka honey is famous all over the world so no doubt you friends and family will have heard of it. Manuka honey is readily available all over New Zealand, even in supermarkets, whereas it's quite hard to find in other countries. Therefore, this is an easy New Zealand souvenir for you to pick up.


The best kind of nipple warmers, we like to think...


Maybe you are never going home? Just send your family a scenic New Zealand postcard then they will understand why you have stayed. To make it extra special, send the postcard from Cape Reinga, the very north of the North Island, where the stamp used makes it a collectable.

Honestly speaking, there's a lot of things to buy from New Zealand but if you want to buy the best items that are exclusive to this place, shop for the following items:

  • Merino wool: These are soft and lightweight yer provides immense warmth.

New Zealand doesn't have an overabundance of ‘things' to take away as souvenirs. You can get stuffed toys, jade pendants and clothing but those are quite minor things to my mind.

The main reason that people come to NZ is for the scenery so, with that in mind, I'd strongly advise anyone to invest in a really good camera. If you have a very high end smart phone that's probably good enough, but what you are really going to take away is memories - and photos help a lot. Buy a good camera or upgrade your phone and make sure you have sufficient memory storage to save thousands of high quality images. I even used my Samsung S7 to video dolphins underwater.

Material things will break or wear out over time but memories are for a lifetime.


Jade, otherwise known as greenstone or pounamu, necklaces are everywhere, EVERYWHERE! There is sure to be a Maori symbol carved from jade to match your special bond with the gift receiver. Traditionally, you are only supposed to buy a jade necklace with the intention of giving it as a gift. Not for yourself.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom
Oldest timber on earth.
Best woodturner in NZ.
Must visit.
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