What are the best things to do in France?

We have had the good fortune to be able to rent a motorhome ( in France called a camping car ) twice for 6 weeks each time. We took a train from Paris and were picked up at the train station in Sens and taken to the rental place. Each time we traveled about 5000 miles in the French countryside.

We were able to visit old Roman ruins, thriving cities, small towns which all had places we could camp reasonably or for free, usually with in walking distance of the town itself.

For example we arrived in Arles on May 1st to find that there was a festival going on in the 2000 year old Roman ampitheatre in celebration of the horsemanship of the Carmargue people who live to the west on the shores of the Mediterranian Sea..and adminssion was only 8 euros.

We ate at wonderful local restaurants and tried local specialties, saw museums and , really got to spend time the way the locals do. We stopped at open air markets to get supplies. We stopped at flea markets and supermarkets in out-of-the-way places. We found outdoor laundramats in the parking lot of some of them to use while you were inside shopping. Some even had free wifi to use.

We spent one trip going from one routier ( truck stop ) to another where great home cooking is available for a great price..and it comes with a free place to park for the night.

This is a wonderful way to see and interact with real French citizens. We found that they we friendly and helpful every where we traveled.

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