What are the best to-do list applications for iPhone? Why?

I've been searching for a great personal ToDo app for quite some time already, so I want to share my own findings.

First of all, I'm already using a lot of services. For keeping important stuff I'm using:


Reddit (website): What are your favorite subreddits and why?

I am a huge fan of horror stories. I particularly like the subtle kind of horror - where the fear is conveyed by what is left unsaid. And I've found Reddit to be a great source of entertainment for horror fans like me. 1. r/letsnotmeetThis subreddit is

If both husband and wife have a pension at divorce, what happens? Is the husband entitled to his wife's pension as well?

We've produced a video on this very topic: How Does a Divorce Affect a Pension?When a couple divorce all of their assets are considered when agreeing a financial settlement - that includes pensions. The starting point for any financial settlement is a 50:50 division of all of the assets of the

Why would a divorcing father get custody of the daughter when she has the same religion with the mother, and the father has no religion?

I can think of several reasons...he has better lawyers and supportThe courts think you are not competentThere is good reason to be concerned with your behaviourThe child wanted daddy more....Maybe the religion had something to do with it. I don't honestly know and if you think it is unfair