What are the best unethical hacks for life?

OK. These hacks are totally unethical and should not be practised. If caught, they may land you in trouble:

  1. Get a free drink at Starbucks by pretending your order was taken.-Have your friend order a drink at Starbucks and pick up their drink and leave. After a few minutes, have the friend walk to the counter and say they never got their drink so they make another one. This might not work always and may be not at all the starbucks.
  2. Take advantage of "grace periods" in ticket-entry car parking- Most of these Parkings will have a grace period so that if you pull in but you didn't really ‘park,' you can leave and pay nothing. Next time you park in one of these Parkings, grab a ticket like normal and go park. When you're ready to leave, pull your car close to the entrance, and go push the button to get a fresh entrance ticket, time stamped to that moment (when you're ready to leave). Then, just go to the exit and put your brand new ticket in the machine or hand it to the person. If you're within the grace period, you will be charged nothing and you can leave. Even if you're a few minutes over, you're paying for minutes rather than hours or days.
  3. Buy an appliance that's identical to the one you broke, swap them out, and then return the broken appliance for a refund.
  4. Get a free extra carry-on by asking for the airport gift shop's gift bag- For extra carry-ons at no charge, go the airport gift shop and ask for a gift bag, and stuff your stuff into it. Because it looks like you purchased it at the airport, the flight will (allegedly) let you bring it on free, even if it's over your carry-on limit.
  5. Whenever you go to a big chain movie theatre, always get your tickets from those electronic kiosks they have at the front, and buy the child's price tickets. They're cheaper (Not everywhere though).
  6. Get a Cab if you do not have a Cab app installed and there is no Internet data - Drinking in the city and can't get a cab?, walk into a fancy hotel lobby, and call a cab. They'll assume it's a posh person going to the airport, and they'll be there in a flash.
  7. Meeting Someone - When meeting someone, tell them you are twice as far away from them as you actually are, and are willing to meet halfway, i.e. if you are 10 KM away tell them you are 20 km.
  8. When running Late- "When I know I'm going late to be for something, I'll call ahead and tell whomever I'm meeting that I was just pulled over for speeding. Thus giving myself an excuse for being late, and demonstrating my commitment to whatever it is I'm late for. Only works once, but it usually works pretty well."
  9. Shoplift - If you are trying to shoplift, time your exit of the store with that of a minor. If the alarm goes off the security gueard will probably check the minor.
  10. Dress for a special occassion - You have 2 functions / events to attend. Go to a store and after a hefty amount of time purchase a dress but tell them if you do not like it you will return it. Wear it for one function and then exchange it for another brand new piece saying you did not like it.
  11. If you want to slack off at work, slack off but act annoyed/frustrated around your boss which will give the impression you're working hard. It hasn't failed me yet.
  12. Free Lunch - Want free lunch or even to make a few extra dollars and look like the office hero? When flyers for various restaurants come out they often have buy 1 get 1 free coupons in them. Tell everyone in the workplace you are going to go to [insert restaurant name here] to pick up lunch. Take orders and money for said orders. Use 2 for 1 coupons. Pocket the difference with the hate of your colleagues when they find out.

Tapan Joshi I rarely tried anything unethical in my life :P

I will be very bad in answering this question.

I have stolen napkins, sauce pouches, Chilli flakes, oregano, straws,etc. these things have helped me in adding taste to my boring chapatis and other things.

Once I didn't wore my helmet while driving, so I saved myself by going on foot and thinking that if the cops will stop me I will tell them that my scooty needs to be repaired.

I have never cheated in exams in school(besides asking questions from friends, I don't consider as cheating :P) but let me tell you, I have seen purest soul of cheaters who have copied 85 marks of paper just by peeking.Sorry! no hack for this you have to adopt that talent, moreover you can keep your books in washroom.

Once I read somewhere on quora, you add products to the cart and go to the checkout page, and without checking out just quit the app or website unusually, after some days you will get the discount coupon from their side.

Girls who face problem in traveling in public conveyances, annoy them by safety pins.

That's all!

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