What are the best ways to stop procrastinating and motivate yourself daily to achieve goals?

3 Easy Steps to follow to avoid procrastination and maintain consistency:

Step 1: Decide and fix the things which you want to complete. Don't overdo things. Keep a few but important tasks as a target. Overdoing often leads to the failure and demotivation.

Step 2: Calculate your estimated time that is to be given to that per day. When you've multiple tasks to do, you need to plan. Give enough time to your work, study, family, friends, girlfriend. boyfriend, or even your entertainment.

Step 3: Write and maintain a record of that: Create a sheet on Google Drive or simply make columns in your diary.

What are some calisthenics workouts?

Not sure whether you are interested in learning about different programs or basics of calisthenic training. Here are the basics first...There are 5 essential movements you can to do to exercise your body: arms - push forward, push upward,

As a child of divorce, has anyone else had their mother pay their father child support?

I laughed every time I had to write a check for child support to my ex-husband. It's all numbers and overnights. The 162 was nothing in comparison to paying the mortgage while I was out of the house, because he refused. I needed to be sure

What can I do to correct my upper back posture?

As unfortunate as it is, loss of normal spinal curvature and poor posture are extremely common. Given the amount of time we spend staring at various screens-whether sitting at an office desk or walking down the street-it's not surprising that our