What are the biggest American misconceptions of Japanese culture?

  1. That everything is like anime. Yes, there are certain cultural similarities that are present in anime but let me tell you something. Girl school uniform skirts are super long and teachers get pissed when you roll up your skirt waistband. Also, there is rarely school romance, unlike anime. Gym uniforms are basically baggy t-shirts and basketball shorts, not any of the weird almost underwear stuff you see in older and more pervy anime.
  2. Food. Japanese eat way more than ramen and sushi. When I was there, I got to eat tons of mundane foods like cereal, donuts, cooked fish, and McDonalds. True to assumption, there is tons of rice in Japan but it's great. I also got to try miso soup, this thick corn soup(instead of coffee for breakfast), and ice cream, which is no very sweet. There is a lot more depth to Japanese food than portrayed in the media.
  3. Cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji, general hot springs, and Kimonos are always around and can be seen everyday. Cherry blossoms usually are only in bloom in the spring. Mount Fuji is only visible from certain places in Japan. Hot springs are rarely for both genders and aren't everywhere in Japan. Kimonos are quite rare, yukatas are more common and both are rarely worn except by very traditional peoples.
  4. Everyone cares and is obsessed with American culture. Yes, Japanese people do wear clothing with English words and eat McDonalds at times. That doesn't mean that every Japanese person wants to talk to you, date you, or move to America.

Is taking diazepam healthy or not?

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How many spouses or partners have told the truth about cheating to their spouse/partner?

I have never cheated on my husband. I don't get cheating on one another. My husband has cheated and multiple times. I have proof and I am waiting on him to confess. Why because I want to know if he has a conscience and if he is remorseful for what he has done. I am just giving