What are the biggest frustrations about being a nurse?

Two things:

As a nurse, one of my fundamental duties is to educate. Even as a bedside nurse, I take the medical jargon thrown at my patients and translate it into English at a level they can understand and appreciate. I instruct them on how to provide a shot to themselves or their loved one on discharge, how important daily weights are to a heart failure patient, how edema cam be minimized by elevation, how important diet and exercise is to a diabetic, what meds can do what to you and how they interact with other meds... The list goes on and on.

The Internet, Dr. Oz and The Doctors tell my patients that cinnamon cures diabetes, alkaline water can make cancer go away, bruises can cause cancer, some snake oil can make you regular, name your whacked out theory of the day.

Because I'm just a nurse, I don't know what they do. I, telling them hard work pays off, can't possibly know as much as the talking heads and National Enquirer does when they tell them this magic pill or prayer cloth, or energized crystal, or potion will make then all better without any effort or change on their part.

That's likely my biggest frustration.

The other is my fellow nurses. For a group of people who fight as hard as they do to get their education, nurses can be some of the most ignorant and unprofessional people I know. I have heard nurses make statements that make me cringe - racist, fat shaming, religion based value judgments, you name it. Statements that you'd expect from some dumb ass redneck hick just back from dropping out of high school and getting ready to drop her first pup (or contribute to making his first...). And attire that would make a hooker blush...

All the while, complaining that patients and MDs don't take them seriously.


I wonder how anyone can take someone seriously as an educated professional when they look like they're imitating a raccoon with their eye make-up, they wear clothes that make Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" look high class and say things like "She's still being orientated" and "He's suffering from an exasterbation of his COPD."


Sorry for the rant... (But you asked!)
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