What are the biggest leadership challenges that executives of growing early stage start-ups in any industry face?

A few of the biggest leadership challenges faced by start up execs are:

1. Simplify market info and ideas into focused deliverables
 - be open with info but ruthless in prioritization.  be decisive, keep them focused so the team can execute quickly.

2. Plan the execution of those priorities properly.
 - don't be sloppy with the execution of the priorities - do them in the right order and .  what gets done before what matters a lot.

3. Hire before you need people, but not too much. 
 - always hire self starters, they return your time.  the other types suck your time.

4. Invest in onboarding new people.
- spend time on detailed walk throughs of company goals / methods and culture.  And them challenge them to contribute.

5. Preserve the "one company" mindset as you get bigger.
- ensure goals & culture are set company wide and priorities and info is shared at the whole company level weekly to avoid "departmentalization syndrome". 

6. Keep "market" information close to decision makers.
- decision makers cannot afford to become clueless bureaucrats by becoming two steps away from customers, problems and market opportunities.
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