What are the biggest misconceptions people have about the politics of your country?

That Conservatives are fascists and that fascists weren't socialists.

In truth, the only real difference between Fascism and Communism is the number of people in charge; the former has a dictator and the latter a committee or party. The Progressive (Marx the Hitler used that term, as did Woodrow Wilson, a solid Democrat) Liberal (Newspeak for Progressive as well as a way to push for a "Living Constitution" or one that changes to fit the morals of the rulingf party) Socialist Democrats (what the Nazi Party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party and was NOT the same as the American right). One needs to remember where the terms "Left" and "Right" came from, France, and the "Right" had to do with where the French Conservatives, those who wanted the monarchy back, sat in Parliament. Since America never had a monarchy, our Conservatives, aka the "Right", are all about returning to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution and all men are created equal and all men are endowed with certain rights. In other words, the claims of the Democrats, the only group to have ever set up a Fascist government (Confederate States of America) have redefined the terms to fit their agenda, separating Fascism from Socialism & Communism, improperly, and misusing the terms.

Read on Giovanni Gentile aka The Marx of Fascism and you will become enlightened about the truth of Fascism and who the Fascists really are in America and they don't make up the Conservatives... In fact, if you actually research it, you will find that it is the Democrats who are the real fascists in America as they are the ones who want to suppress individual freedoms and put the state before the individual, the primary tenet of Fascism.

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