What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about Japan?

There might have been a various instance when you have heard about the way Japanese do things differently.

In fact, Japanese trains are late all the time...The government finally started tracking these numbers and found that trains in Tokyo on the Chuo-Sobu Line were late an average of 19.1 days a month in 2017 - so most days. Half of these trains were late under ten minutes and the other half 10 minutes - 30 minutes or more. Delays were often due to suicides (they have to clean up the body...)

Japanese have their own way of doing things, their ethics and discipline is something that apart them from the other world. There are some facts about Japanese culture that might surprise you and some Japanese culture facts that might force you to think twice about the way you do things. Today we will be telling you a few interesting facts about Japan that you should know. Read More

Why do my legs feel tired when I look at other people exercising?

That's a very interesting question. Do you work out regularly? Or wish you did?Are you a particularly empathetic person? If so, when you look at people exercising, maybe you feel the effort they are putting in. I work out most days. It helps to have 3 Golden Retrievers and that

Is it possible to change your habits in a few days?

Yes it is very much possible. Everything starts with your thinking. Change your thinking to change your habits.Earlier I used to wake up around 8 am. These day I cannot sleep after 6 am.I used to eat a lot. Eat whatever I wish to. McDonalds and KFC's were my best friends but

What is the best moment that you enjoy in your daily life?

I am nocturnal.No, not the kind who spends the entire night on facebook or texting. It is just that I feel extremely awake during the night. My best moments of concentration are at night. I study during the night. I read about important topics which require a lot of focus at