What are the biggest misconceptions we have learned from movies?

That anything a hero does is for the greater good and anything a villain does is for the selfish, destructive reasons.

Here is an instance for the above statement made.

Well, firstly a great thread. There are very nice answers here.

Now I read the "Answer Wiki" for this question and found no one has mentioned the following villain yet. Just to make sure that I am not repeating anything here.

The Movie I am talking about: Back to the Future (franchise movie: A trilogy)

Which protein supplement is best for a beginner?

Best Protein For Beginners | Protein In BudgetFirst of all above link will clear your misconception about everything related to protein .Now as you asked beginner focus in the below mentioned things.Most important things to consider when you are a beginner and going gym .Gain muscle not weightFollow healthy lifestyle

Have you ever flashed someone?

Hell, I've flashed everyone, but not always intentionally.Yeah, I never wear a bra, and have been told I have particularly alert nipples, so depending on your definition, perhaps I'm flashing every time I leave the house.Although to be fair, things look different in different lighting, and you could very well not know what you're showing

How can i start working online from home in egypt ?

The Job: Website TesterWhat It Pays: $10 to $15 per testWhat It Is: Many companies pay online testers to make sure websites are intuitive and easy to navigate. "You basically follow the instructions you're given to check out the website," says Anna Thurman, founder of RealWaysToEarnMoneyOnline.com, a site that has