What are the chances of an alien invasion in the next 5 years?

The chances are minuscule because due to our current understanding of physics, there are no clear habitual planets, that even if they harbored intelligent life, that could reach us in a timely manner. The only plausible reason that we can think of for aliens invading us is because they need our resources, however any alien race that could reach us would be so technologically advanced that they would probably have all the resources they need from nearby planets and planetoids in their solar system and potentially beyond. It must also be noted that intelligent alien life will have COMPLETELY different views and cultural traits than we as humans can probably even imagine. This could lead their motives for invading us against what we may deem logical, but for them it could be of utmost importance.

There is no such calculation that can be applied universally. As it depends on the invaders and their choices. However, I can answer the chances earth has. I crash landed here many years ago in what you humans call Roswell New Mexico. My mission was to scout for planets containing a certain list of things, call in my homies to come take those things, then blow up the planet to ensure its inhabitants do not suffer long. Earth has 9 years before my home boys get here. So for earth, it's a 100% chance. I've adapted a bit to human life here so I feel a slight bit of sorrow for what's to come. But the fact I get to go back home erases said sorrow. So sorry....but you know, not really.

Hi Christopher, there is no chance of an alien invasion. There are certain powers who wish you to live in fear of such. They've been misrepresenting extra terrestrials for decades spreading uncertainty and apprehension. The truth is we have been visited by ETs for thousands of years going by cave drawings discovered globally and ETs have been in contact with many people some of whom put their experiences into print. ETs understand the Law of Cause and Effect or Karma and know there are repercussions for any infringement of Free Will.
Heres a site of contactees books, most are free to download
 Our Elder Brothers Return
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"The alien presence in the world is growing. It is growing every day, every year. Many more people are falling under its persuasion, losing their ability to know, becoming confused and distracted, believing in things that can only weaken them and make them impotent in the face of those who would seek to use them for their own purposes." - The Allies of Humanity

The chances are 100%.

It's probably not what you want to read, but you and every other human being on this planet needs to understand what's happening right now. Our freedom and sovereignty as a species depends on it.

I'm going to base my answer based on the revolutionary Allies of Humanity Briefings, which is information about how life in the universe really works.

It was gifted to humanity by neighboring alien civilizations that do not approve of the unethical contact that humanity is currently being subjected to.

The reality of our situation is that there is a covert attempt by aliens to takeover the reigns of power in this world. It's a subtle but pervasive influence that's been growing for decades.

"Amongst those races who seek to gain dominance here, there is a competition, a competition for influence-a kind of subtle attempt at conquest to make humanity weak and dependent, to encourage human conflict secretly so that humanity never gains security or stability, thus requiring it to reach out to foreign powers and to accept whatever inducements these foreign powers might offer you." - Life in the Universe

There aren't any alien spaceship armadas ominously approaching the planet, or the destruction of entire cities with blue laser beams. Let's put the movies aside for a moment and talk about what's actually happening.

For the last few decades, aliens have been interfering with humanity. They do so via various behind-the-scenes means and they have largely been successful, though there's still hope for a united human resistance.

We live in a sophisticated part of the cosmos with an abundance of intelligent alien life. Much of these races have advanced technology, and they all compete with each other for influence, resources, and access to wealthy emerging worlds like ours.

We're like the Saudi Arabia of planets, if you like, when it comes to the rich resources we have. We're sitting on a veritable goldmine of biological resources that fetch a high price in a universe of mostly barren worlds.

According to the Allies, the aliens are here for these economic reasons, mostly.

"Outright invasion is not allowed in this region of space because it is a very civilized part of the Universe. Races cannot come and take another world by force. It is not allowed because it represents danger and instability in this part of space. If races want to gain influence in another world, it must appear that their presence is accepted and welcomed. They must attempt to gain control by other means." - The New Message

The challenge that they face is that they can't just militarily invade us. It wouldn't be allowed. We live in a populated region of space. Any nation that invades another threatens the stability of the entire sector, which is maintained with great effort.

Any nation that invades Earth will be opposed by hundreds of others. No kidding. It's not for our sake, though. They don't care about humanity - they just don't want war on their doorstep. Bad for trade, you see.

This is the universe we live in. It's time we educate ourselves about how it works so that we can operate intelligently within it. Perhaps, we'll be able to maintain our freedom and sovereignty.

This is a side note, but I also recommend reading the Life in the Universe book, which was received in a state of spiritual revelation. It discusses how alien societies work and structure themselves, how they interact with each other, etc. It'll expand your mind!

To your question: because the aliens are not allowed to outright invade us, they work behind the scenes. The "invasion" looks different than in the movies, but it's already here.

Imagine what the CIA would do to try to control, dominate and influence another country on Earth. They wouldn't be blowing up cities, right? They'd be influencing top leaders, corrupting the society from within, or perhaps addicting it to technology or debt so that country would be completely dependent on the United States.

Of course, if you're a student of the world, you understand that the above happens every day. Intelligence agencies work this way.

So do the aliens abducting humans, whispering in the ears of politicians, and generally operating in the background on Earth for their own ends.

The invasion has already begun, and has been ongoing for decades. It's just been hidden all along.

They've been years studying us. I recommend you study them in return by reviewing the Allies of Humanity Briefings. Turn the tables on them!

Q: What are the chances of an alien invasion in the next 5 years?

Probably fairly remote, but since we don't have any idea of the prevalence of technology using life in the cosmos, in reality we have no idea. If they're on their way, hopefully we'd spot them before they arrived in orbit, assuming they're not using magic FTL tech, and learn what we can using long range observation and get some kind of plan together. One imagines one of the first signs something is up would be noted hard science fiction writers dropping out of sight. So rather than watch the skies, watch the bars...

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