What are the common seo mistakes that content marketers make?

Content Marketers often overlook some types of content that Google doesn't like.

Some of the types of such content are -

  1. Thin Content - large number of pages with only a sentence or two on them, and they make up a large percentage of your overall site
  2. Curated Content - Sites that simply curate content from third parties and add little unique value
  3. Syndicated Content - if a large percentage of the pages are syndicated from 3rd party sites, and you add little of your own value
  4. Scraped Content - If you're scraping content from other sites, that will definitely be an issue.
  5. Doorway Pages - pages that have been created largely for the purpose of capturing search engine traffic and immediately driving sales
  6. User Generated Content - allowing users to add comments or reviews to your site, but great pains have to be taken to use human review to screen out poor quality contributions.
  7. Advertising Dominated Content - value added content is somewhat obscured or dominated by the presence of ads

These types of content lead your site liable to penalties !!!

What's the difference between the game GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas?

PhysicsOverall, more realistic in GTA 5, except for tire traction and off-road.PlacesGTA SA has Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco), Las Venturas (Las Vegas), and 2 countrysides. GTA 5 only has Los Santos and 1 countryside.CharacterIn GTA SA, you can only play 1 character, while in GTA 5 you can switch to

What happens if someone with ankylosing spondylitis diagnosed at the age of 28 years stops taking medicines, will have a fast impact on the spine and the joints?

The way to keep AS inflammation at bay: balance calories ingested vs. calories burnt doing daily routines and exercise. Excess calories eaten will result in formation of chemicals that are deposited in various parts of your body causing inflammation. If this situation is sustained over an extended period, those chemicals causing inflammation build-up