What are the comparable pros and cons of being a movie star and music star?

I think even an outside observer can pretty be spot on with an analysis:

Cons (especially with high fame):
1. The ever present need to remain valid. Fame is a random and fleeting thing. You can have it one year and the next, you're not getting offers.
2. The loss of individuality and privacy. This doesn't need much explanation. Princess Diana died when their chauffeur tried to outrun paparazzi. It's not much different for music and movie stars. They are always on the run from the press when it happens outside of a conference.
3. Always traveling. You have little time to rest. There's a lot of stress with such a career when high fame enters it and people need downtime to relieve it.
4. Scrutiny over your every action and word. They aren't allowed to be human. They have to be role models for strangers.
5. Easy access to drugs. River Phoenix? Phillip Seymour Hoffman? John Belushi? Some of your "friends" may even encourage your curiosity or use and you'll always have someone who can get them for you.
6. People who you've never met are suddenly your friend and calling you by your first name and making you all kinds of unscrupulous offers (drugs, movie roles when you're a musician/singer, singing gigs when you're an actor).

1. You'll have access to great career advisers. People that want you to remain famous because they have a stake and don't want it to end. They may even be ones that give some of the best advice on when to take a break and who and/or what to avoid.
2. Money. No need to add to this.
3. You can actually put out a message and people will listen. Take Presley's "In the Ghetto." Great song, great message.

I'll leave it here and let others bring up points.
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