What are the complications of Getting a divorce and remarrying when you have 3 year old kid?

The younger they are, the better. They remember less, they have learned less. they will more easily acclimate to your new lives. The complications, beyond normal divorce complications, are really just about custody. There are tons of options there. Seek legal counsel to understand your options. I went with what I, and my home state, considered equitable. I have 50/50 shared custody based on an agreement that my ex and I developed on our own. The future complications will be equitable coparenting with your ex through the rest of your lives. It can be done!!!!!!!!!

What is the best workout plan for a skinny guy to gain muscle at the gym?

Ooooh i love this question from skinny to ripped dude ! Workout plan is to follow a weight training program at the gym meaning lifting weights for every muscle part like biceps triceps abs etc and most importantly upgrade your weights every month that

How shall I train my arms twice a week, given that I train 6 days a week (chest, back, shoulders, cardio, and abs, legs, and arms)? I cannot train my arms and legs after my shoulders and chest.

This is too much .... If you are giving your muscles ample amount of time to heal ...Keeping this process you will not gain muscles ... you might gain strength but you might not get desired mass .Although if you want to train your Arms Twice then you you can try it on Back and leg day .Both

What will happen with house prices in Toronto?

House prices in the over 2 million range are already meeting resistance and that will continueUnder 2 million they are selling well but not at asking1–1.5 million is a very hot price point with lots of showings and some multiple offersUnder 1 million is the hot price point and there are multiple offers and prices going over