What are the consequences if the ISS got hijacked by aliens?

Consider these points :
  • Till now, we have not found any evidence of alien life in our solar system. There have been many speculations, though about planets which might sustain life in or outside our galaxy.
  • So, considering the present situation, these aliens you are talking about aren't from our solar system. At present, we : humans have not even had a manned trip to Mars, talk about our solar system ! Humans themselves have not gone beyond the solar system simply because, we don't have the technology to do so, so these aliens obviously might be more advanced than us because at least they were able to travel from outer space towards us.
  • Hence, I don't see any good reason to hijack ISS, because how will it benifit them ? They are more advanced...

Can human-shaped aliens exist?

Q: Can human-shaped aliens exist?Sure, why not?We exist in a naturalistic universe, so other beings probably exist, unless we're in some way exceptional.Possibly the alien equivalent of the Cambrian explosion will result in descendants that broadly look like us. though the human form is by no means inevitable and evolution has no ideal form, or aim!Though you may enjoy

What do I need to consider when creating magic powers for my characters?

Here are a few things that I always think up when describing a magic system:Source: where do the powers come from and what is the source that propels them? Are they divine in nature? Do they draw energies from other dimensions or realms? Do they emerge from the caster's emotions or some relic of

Were aliens actually been worshiped as Gods in ancient times?

Well we can't say for sure. Stories of aliens visiting us in the past are just theories to explain the various ancient findings which are very difficult to explain given our evolutionary time-line.Certain things such as the pyramids are constructions that would have been very difficult to build given the technological advancements of that time. So