What are the coolest wedding bands you've ever seen?

Though a large variety of wedding bands (http://www.regaljewelershouston....) are available these days to choose from..I believe the ones in true two colors are the best. I am full of appreciation for the ones that have the sparkle of both gold and platinum in them. Additionally, they become even more attractive if they are mounted with shining diamonds. At my place in Houston TX, we have quite a few places where these bands are available in multiple designs.

Big thanks band australia is the best one. Hunter valley wedding band

Who is funding the expansion of the Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal Authority is funding everything. The design called for a $5.25 billion project. Half of the funds were put up directly by the Panama Canal Authority while the other half was financed through an international team of banks.Japan Bank for

Are there any Roman documents that tell of Jesus' crucifixion?

Yes, Josephus Flavius writes comprehensively about Jesus' crucifixion. But only if you can accept he was crucified at the beginning of Vespasian's reign, in AD 70. And while that may seem surprising, this is exactly what Josephus Flavius says.The accounts of

What are the coolest computer science related tattoos you have ever seen?

I have seen shit that has been cool; but if I was to draw something it would be Johnny Mnemonic related or cheese 90s hacker cliches...