What are the core ideals of the Democratic party and Republican party what makes them seem so different?

The Democrat party believes in large government which promotes higher taxes in order to pay for the many branches. They promote the idea that the races and the poor are victims that can never better themselves and so must depend on them to live. Therefore as long as they get the votes these people will be taken care of. Like zoo animals. They preach against the rich, not caring about the poor but neglect to mention that the rich own factories that provide jobs, and give generously to charities, fund scholarships and endowment funds.

The Republican party is for smaller government with fewer branches to finance. They are followers of the Constitution, and not so quick to bend the rules to satisfy a minority if it isn't in the best interest of all. They believe in the rule of law with appropriate punishment for wrong doers, but also believe in reforming back into society. They support that our country is Capitalist and reject Socialist ideals. They follow the teachings of historical results of both the growth of our nation and also the mistakes. They sympathize with the poor and under privileged and want to work with them to better their way of life.

The core of latter day republicanism is the acceptance and even worship of feudalism and the idea that God anoints and appoints the leaders who we should all accept as his emissary. The Democrats OTOH believe that each and every sentient being has a unique relationship with his or her spirituality (his or her relationship with God (assuming there is a God)).

In the republican psyche Donald Trump is the king because God made it that way. The democratic view is that there is no king; that social order, morality, and civilization happen as a result of consensus among sentient beings.

These basic views seem to have been adopted by the two primary political parties.

While conservatism yearns for an absolute definition of what is right, democratic principle says that we determine what is right based upon what promotes the well being of the human species. Democratic principle assumes a just and paternal God that wants his creation to be self fulfilling and to ascend to knowledge of how the universe was created.

The Democrats practice racism of low expectations by promoting victimhood in anyone that is not of European heritage. This victimhood leads to nihilism and poor self esteem among the poor. The Reps tell the poor people they need to take responsibility for themselves and that they are not victims. Both parties serve the rich donors.

Democrats are vaguely kindly, dont like seeing poor people suffer and believe more in the dignity of people than the sanctity of the bible.

The Republicans like to take good care of themselves and their rich friends and believe the Earth was created just a few thousand years ago

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