What are the differences between Gautam Gambhir's KKR and Dinesh Karthik's KKR?

This one's a rant.

Dinesh Karthik has to be one of the worst skippers in the history of IPL. Gautam Gambhir had set it up perfectly for the team and the management.

Gambhir is responsible for bringing in Andre Russell to KKR in 2014.

Russell played the previous 2013 season for Delhi Daredevils. He could manage only 58 runs in 7 matches. Gambhir knew how to bring out the best in his players, not in the levels of MS Dhoni, but Dhoni has set the captaincy standards on another planet.

Robin Uthappa, as we all know is not that a great player. Yet he earned the Orange Cap in the 2014 season with 664 runs off his bat. Sunil Narine, started as mystery spinner. But mysteries can be solved inside the cricket pitch. And when his bowling became slightly ineffective, Gambhir and the team management played a masterstroke in sending him as an opener. A proper pinchhitter. As a result of such a classy management, KKR went on to win the IPL twice in three years.

Now let's take a look in the current KKR season. We surely have better players now. Chris Lynn, Andre Russell, Shubman Gill ( the future of Indian Cricket for me), Prasidh Krishna (pace variates from 120 kph- 151 kph), Nitish Rana, Kuldeep Yadav..

Such a team can win you the trophy. But KKR has baffled me with their player management this year.

  • You get 120 balls to play. You have the tournament's biggest hitter at your disposal, Andre Russell. And still you send him at no. 7? Today, he got to bat in the 17th over against SRH. He could have been sent in at 9th over itself. What a blunder stroke!
  • Shubman Gill scored a wonderful 65 off just 39 balls against Delhi Capitals. That's the only time the "top order" batsman got a chance to open the innings. And then, he's still sent in at no.6. Slow claps! Now he's being sent at no. 3. But it should have happened at the start of the tournament itself.
  • Narine was great as an unpredictable pinch hitter. Now, other teams have decoded the way of handling him. As a result, he's become ineffective yet again. And still he's opening.
  • Chris Lynn's power hitting can be compared with that of Russell. But he's confused with his role. He doesn't know whether he should play with free flow or become an "anchor" of the batting line up, his strike rate of 110 in today's match is an example.

That's where Dinesh Karthik is lacking behind as a leader. He doesn't have the leadership qualities. He has failed to utilise this monster of a team he got this season. And he has to take blame along with the team staff.

It has been a mess. And I hope that these loopholes get fixed and KKR comes with all guns blazing in the next season!

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo!

Thanks for your time.

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