What are the different kinds of clouds?

Learnings from clouds:

I watch clouds on the sky.They look beautiful when they change their colours.Different places can give you different clouds up above the sky.

Clouds are different @ different heights.

Few ways to connect with life:

1.When clouds float @ 18000 ft and above:

These are of three varieties.

Cirrus: It is like feathery & white mass .It makes me to feel cheerful and joyful.

Cirrostratus :It is like a thin off white transparent sheet and it makes me look within and do not allow me to fake.

Cirrocumulus :It is like pop corns puffed and kept on the corriders of the sky keeping in long long rows. It makes me soft to react to a difficult situation

2.When clouds float @ 6500 ft to 18000 ft :

These are of two varieties.

Alto stratus: It is really deep blue and spreads over the entire sky.I love it as it is blue and makes me new everytime I see them.

Alto cumulus: It looks like grey puffed up in different gtoups and it urges me to talk to people and I come out of my comfort zone.

3.When clouds float below @ 6500 ft :

These are of three varieties.

Stratocumulus: It is grey and puffy and mostly in lines and it makes me to do my habits.

Nimbostratus: It is beautiful dark grey clouds as if blotting out of the sky and it makes me to express more.

Cumulus:It has the nature of pilling up and take a shape of white cauliflower. It says to me to be happy sometimes by expanding my own belly by inhaling.A small way to be joyful.

I love the way the clouds melt.If you are staying near to a mountain, you can literally find the love making of clouds with mountain tops with kisses and hugging all-around.

Sometimes look up to the sky and go outside.

It will change your life

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