What are the douchiest bars in San Francisco?

Describing douchey as "people acting entitled as f*ck, openly passive aggressive / disrespectful for no reason, and impossible to have an authentic conversation with anybody about anything"... I'd say the Marina has a lot of strong contenders (in no particular order): Eastside West, KT's, Stock in Trade, Bar None, HiFi, the aforementioned Tipsy Pig.

The least douchey bar in the Marina, which reminds me more of an Irish Pub (I'd say by design, considering the name) is Monaghan's.

Outside of the Marina, I feel like few places get quite as douchey - using the definition above. But with a different definition of "douchey" you could add the likes of 15 Romolo (North Beach) and Bergerac (SOMA) to that list. Both are "craft drink" bars, so they have a tendency to attract douche-ness - but not at the rate of the Marina establishments listed above.
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Day 1AIR will play some interesting version of -"Pappu pass ho Gaya"Ambani's will return to home team of CongressThere will be a lot of jubilation around the enemy states of IndiaIndia will gear up for another push back in time.Depressing Monday will expand to cover entire