What are the early signs of a psychopathic child?

By no means I am qualifield to diagnose anybody. I am researching the subject for a thriller I am writing and would like to tell you about a (very) long weekend with an 8-year old child who, I believe, qualifies to be a psychopath.

We planned a long weekend trip with friends who had a 5-year old son, a friend of our son who was 4,5 at the time. At the last moment the friends asked if we didnt mind that another couple with two children (boy of 8 and a girl of 4) joins us. We were only glad. The more the merrier!

The bullying of our son started a few minutes after the children's first meeting. I will not go into details. The 8 year old P quickly arranged for our son to keep out of the group. A typical bullying scenario. Our friends tried to reason with their boy, while the other couple was indulgent. For 3 days my husband and I kept our boy at our side. He didn't want to go back with the kids neither.

Nothing too special about this - happens all the time, doesn't it? What P did later was way out of the ordinary.

There were two lounges in the B&B where we were staying. The second one had a lot of ethnic trinkets on display - they were selling local crafts during the daytime. The owners closed the door and asked us not to go there in the evening. We were in the open lounge when I saw P and other boy M. sneak to the other lounge, and P's sister follow them. P's parents stepped out to smoke so I went after the children. This is what I saw. P pointed at small trinkets and M put them in his pocket. Then P saw his sister and tried to shoo her off but she wouldn't leave. Then P led her to a half-folded Chinese screen and placed her in front of it, correcting her pose as if to admire her, but making sure that her fingers were well between two parts of the screen. He called M and M snapped the screen open. The little girl cried all night. They had to tale her to the emergency in the morning.

M was horrified, cried and apologized. Of course, I told what I saw, and about the stolen trinkets too. And you know what the little s..t said? That I had too much to drink. When his mother said that I drank only water that night, he replied that he saw me drinking when nobody was watching.

I wonder where this now 18-year old boy is. I want to stay as far away from him as possible.

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