What are the few best fashion tips for men above 32?

One wants to look good always as this gives the confidence to face the world and also other people perceive you with seriousness and you will be looked upon as an inspiration.

Few Best Fashion Tips For Men in their 30's are:-

  1. Invest in good polo shirts and chino pants as combining both will give a business casual look which looks great.
  2. Wear a sports coat and blazer as this gives more of an elegant look to you.
  3. Footwear is must buy leather loafers, mocassins as they are great shoes for formal as well as casual outfits.
  4. Don't buy slogan tee or big bold printed shirts as this will make you look childish go for the plane or minimal prints.
  5. Hairstyle, if you have a good hair then it's fine but if you are balding or have lost then embrace the look keep a beard or just go for a super short haircut as this will look good than longer hairstyles on you

Some Looks for Middle-aged gentlemen are as follows:-

LOOK ONE: Polo shirt + Chino pants + Leather loafers, Tuck in the polo shirt and wear a coordinated belt (with shoes the color and finish should match) you are ready for your office and meetings and for evening outings just untuck the polo shirt and wear a casual jacket.

LOOk TWO: Printed shirt + Cotton pants + Blazer, This look is perfect for a meeting with important people as this outfit will make one look and one can feel the confidence and can put forward his ideas and people will get inspired by you.

Men always have a neglecting approach towards dressing and do not give importance to look good. There are many reasons associated with it too like during college days you want to look good but you are on a budget next when you start earning most of us just don't think of looking good as we have a myth that brand with higher price tags are best and buy them whether it looks good on us or not. Then life goes on and we forget fashion and just move on thinking what's the need for it.

Looking good is an added advantage or a secret weapon for one as this combined with your knowledge and nature can take you heights. Outside appearance is what seen first then only you will get the chance to show your true capabilities.

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