What are the habits of overweight people?

The people with the highest body mass index (BMI), or those with obesity, seemed to demonstrate a series of "fat habits."

When eating out, obese people tend to eat more often at all-you-can-eat, or buffet style restuarants than people with normal a BMI.

When offered two plate sizes, 98.6% of those with the highest BMI took the larger of the two plates to the buffet. A bigger plate tricks your eye into thinking you're not eating as much. It's easier to stuff more food onto the plate, and into your mouth. People with lower BMIs tend to use a smaller plate, and have a smaller belly. The same principle holds true for drinks. The larger the cup, the bigger your gut.

Obese people are more likely to take seats that overlooked the buffet, instead of sitting in a booth or facing in a different direction. The sight of food tends to make our minds think we have more work to do, eating-wise.

At home, or work obese are more likely to keep unhealthy food out, or visible and nearby. Such as candy in the T.V. room, or on the desk. People with normal weight are more likely to only store food in the fridge or stashed in the pantry, not out on the desktops, coffee tables, or countertops.

Researchers actually monitored the chewing habits of buffet-goers and discovered that the heaviest one-third among them chewed their food an average of 11.9 times before swallowing. The middle one-third chewed an average of 14 times, and the leanest one-third chewed 14.8 times.

Obese are more likely to eat potatoe chips, or French fries on a daily basis than non obese. Also more likely to consume soft drinks, daily.

Obese people tend to Ignore Nutrition Advice. Canadian researchers sent diet and exercise advice to more than 1,000 people, they found that the recipients began eating smarter and working more physical activity into their daily routines. Not surprisingly, the habits of the non-recipients didn't budge.

Obese Eat the Free Restaurant Food. The free Breadsticks, biscuits, and chips/salsa at some restaurants are adding a lot of empty calories to the diets of those with the high BMIs.

Obese watch more T.V. than those with normal BMI s.

Obese often choose fad diets that cut out entire food groups and do not allow for the balance and moderation we need to follow in a healthy, lifelong eating plan. The obese who follow these plans are prone to potentially dangerous nutritional deficiencies, and getting bored with the restrictions. Thus, ending up overeating down the road, and gaining even more weight.

Obese tend to under consume healthy fats like flax seeds, avocado, and nuts.

One of the best known, obese are more likely to Skip Breakfast than people of a normal weight. There are several theories that attempt to explain this simple habit of eating in the morning, but simply, not doing it significantly raises your likelihood of being obese.

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