What are the hacking applications for Android in 2018?

There are so many apps available in market to alter existing apps and hack. For example if you want to hack any game in android 1st thing you need to do is ROOT. Root your device so it gets a superuser permission to access core level data and can modify it.

You may heard these names LuckyPatcher, Freedom, Flashfire, MagiskManager, and alot more. Just search for it.

LuckyPatcher - This app contains so many patches, and my most fav one is Remove ads

Freedom - Fake playstore puchase with fake credit card. Yes you heard it right you can buy any in-app purchase without paying single penny.

Game Guardian - This app amazed me by hacking online apps which just bypass online authentication. For example if you are playing Asphalt 8 game and you want to get winning price of money 9999999 you can get through this app. Yeah its possible and then you can buy any car using that money.

There's lot more to go..!!! Just google all the names and dig dipper into the hacking ocean you will find some sweet chocolates.

Xda-developers is the perfect site to get all answers of your questions..

Best of luck.

Do gym rats smoke weed and then hit the gym?

I'm sure there are gym rats who smoke weed before hitting the weights, but in my experience the gym rats I know who smoke weed do it after working out. In the gym you want to be physically and mentally as sharp as you can be. You have to feel every part of your body so you

I am 14, a girl, 108 pounds and 5'0'. How do I get abs?

Having abs you can see and feel is purely a matter of how much fat you have. That's not to say your fat coz your not but to have abs that are really good means having a very low amount of fat.

What components do you think makes a blog successful?

Everything boils down to high quality content. Without it, all the SEO and marketing in the world won't matter.What makes High Quality Content?A Unique PerspectiveNo one wants to read the same old thing regurgitated in a slightly different way. You are a unique person, and have unique experiences