What are the hairstyle or haircut options for bald or balding men?

here's the truth ...

if you are balding in the crown you are f$#ked. Seriously.

no one here looks like beckham or jason stratham. no one. we aren't super rich, tanned, ripped actors or sportsman. if you have tanned or olive skin then YES shave your head. If you are not ripped then you better start as a fat balding man is as good as invisible or worse. if you are white skinned and balding like me you are messed up. I use hair concealer or where a cap all the time. I also take finasteride but it doesn;t really work so I can't attract the girls my personality deserves. its my fault for not putting a ring on a girl earlier but I wanted to wait for one that I could live with long term and give her the attention she deserves but never met her.

basically we are f@#ked. I think that is the first realization we need to have. second, use concealer and do finasteride, rogaine etc. Next, work out a lot and get a good body. Next just go out a lot, go on dating sites ... anything to meet girls as quickly as possible. Find one that is 70–80% your type and hang on to her by being cool but subtly shower her with compliments and adoration until she commits. then go off the finasteride slowly, let your hair fall out and then go the clippers on lowest setting. Dont shave it with a razor that is gross. shiny heads look horrible. oh and grow out stubble or a small beard to compensate, it'll work seriously. never shave your face only clip it short. NEVER shave your head and face, you'll look like a baby man. gross.


How to improve my fitness in the morning

Do a short High Intensity Interval session (HIIT for short). Such a workout will only take you a mere 6 minutes - 10 minutes, depending on your preference, and will accelerate your fat-burning and muscle-protein synthesis throughout the day. This session

Do people with anxiety/OCD become more intelligent when they take an SSRI?

I wouldn't bet on that, there is even a discussion on the real efficacy of SSRI's on depression.These older articles seems to show that SSRI when used in depressed people can have some positive effect on certain brain functions, not correlated

Does sweating make you lose weight?

Sweating is how the body cools down. When you drink liquids, you replenish the water used by your cooling system.When you burn more calories than you eat, and you eat enough protein for muscle maintenance / muscle growth; then you lose bad weight (fat weight) in a healthy