What are the important things to consider while choosing a life partner?

I read 2 articles written on choosing a life partner by Rahul Kaushik, whose page - ‘The melting words' is pretty famous on FB :

For girls-

Marry a guy, who is honest, because perfect is never a man. Perfect can only be God, and that too, maybe, for some. You don't need a guy who had the least number of girlfriends. You need a guy, who will stay loyal after marrying you. You need a guy, who won't lie about his past, present, or future.

Marry a guy, who can take a stand for you. Mama's boy is fine, but if he's not going to say: "No, that's not right, and that's my girl. You can't treat her like this. I won't allow this", then you will marry a kid, who got his favourite toy, not a man who brought home his love.

Marry a guy, who respects his family enough to not leave them for you. If he can leave his parents because hey, you want it that way, then he sure as hell will treat your parents like shit too. You are starting a family, not an affair, and if he doesn't have the character to stay loyal to his parents, then what chances you have with his "loyalty"?

Marry a guy, who cares for his friends, old friends, and best friend. Nothing defines the character of a man more than how he treats his friends after he finds love. So, see to it that your man is a great friend to have.

Marry a guy, who has no macho male ego. If he can't treat you equal in everything other than, maybe, who gets physically pregnant, then he is just a soft guy, who will try too hard to be man enough around a strong woman of substance and brains.

Marry a guy, who is strong enough to be weak with you. Find a man, who can cry in your lap, who can tell you his fears, who can show you his scars, and who can ask you to rescue him.

And most importantly, marry a guy, who is marrying you for love, for the right reasons. Marry a guy because he can't see his life without you. Marry a guy because he wants to be your lover for the rest of your life, not just a friend, who will be your roommate. Marry a guy who wants to not just grow old with you, but also grow with you. Marry a guy who finds you amazing even at your worst. Marry a guy, who makes you believe in love. Marry a guy, you will want your daughter to marry. Marry a guy, who lights up your soul in this soulless world.

For guys-

Marry a girl, who shines in all her scars, her flaws, and her imperfections. Don't marry a cover-up story. Marry an open book with all its bad chapters, wrong decisions, and a broken heart. Marry a girl, who will stand up tall and say: "Yes, shit happened, but I am over it".

Marry a girl, who has dreams of her own. A girl, who doesn't want to just tag along with your success, your money, or your dream. Marry a girl who has a life of her own, her own friends, her own hobbies, and her own life. You don't want a sticker glued to you, after marriage. You want a woman, walking with you, shoulder to shoulder

Marry a girl, who refuses to put down her family in priority list just because she is married. Marriage doesn't change the status of your family in your life, so marriage should not change it for her. Respect her loyalty to her parents.

Marry a girl, who has the brains and guts to shut you down when you are wrong. A "yes-girl" is a dumb doll, who will add no value to your life. You don't need to marry for that. You can just order a pretty robot. Marry a girl, who will be equal in every discussion and decision. Trust me, you need a strong woman to be a truly strong man. Marry a girl, who can help you grow from a prince to her king.

Marry a girl, who can be "bad" enough to sacrifice her family time for her career. If you will do it for family, then so will she. Marry a girl, who can wipe off her tears, missing her baby at work, to continue working for you, for her baby, for her home, for your family. Yes, marry that strong so-called "bad" girl.

Marry a girl, you can talk to for hours, daily, every night before sleep. Marry a girl, whose voice fills your soul with life. Marry a girl, with whom you can spend hours together in bed, just lying next to her, in silence, in soft hugs and gentle kisses. Marry a girl, you will tell your friends about that how lucky you are to have her in your life. Marry a girl, who can be a role model for your daughter.

And yes, most importantly, marry a girl, whom you can adore even at her disgusting best. Even when she will be lying in bed, all sick, smelly bad hair, stinking breath, and looking like a pile of shit, you should be able to look into her eyes with all your love and say: "You look like shit, but I love you, so so much. And I am not leaving you until you feel better, planting a big warm kiss on her forehead". And after that, you still should be able to plant a gentle soft kiss on her dry chapped lips. If you think you can't do that, then please don't marry her. Please don't ruin her life. Because she deserves that pure love. She deserves a man, who can love her when she is unlovable. She deserves a man, who is man enough.

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