What are the latest B2B trends?

1. Inbound leads

  • Digital marketing

A. Internet Marketing – Web, SEM (search engine marketing – includes SEO and Pay per click advertising), smartphones, mobile markets (i.e. Google Play, Apple Store), email marketing, online banner advertising and Social Media.

B. Non-Internet digital channels – Television, Radio, SMS, digital billboards (indoor and outdoor).

  • Get Smarter with Automation, AI, and Machine Learning

This is about not spraying and praying but using killer analytics to help each individual sale succeed.

A. Top 51 Sales Automation Tools - Smart Document Management Software

B. There are few tools to for smart lead geneartion as well, such as AeroLeads, Salesloft, Datanyze, which make your prospecting easier.

  • Content marketing

A. Create company pages in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, whichever is relevant to your business, add widgets to your website for likes and shares and keep posting content regularly

B. Join relevant groups from your niche and participate in discussions and ask questions.

  • Events & Conferences: Host and attend events and represent your company services.
  • Email marketing: Send out Newsletters with company updates, new features, industry relevant articles and promotions to users.

2. Outbound leads:

If you are looking for fast & ready leads from a specific industry then these ways are more effective.

  • Buy leads: You can always buy leads from data providers like Zoominfo and data. com. You can expect upto 40% accuracy
  • Generate your own leads(Semi buying): Use advanced lead gen software to source leads from LinkedIn and other social sites
  • Once you have targeted list you can do Cold calling/emails to prospects.

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