What are the least attractive qualities that you don't want in a girlfriend/wife?

What really bugs me is the mental torture.

I hate been nagged at or complained at if I have done nothing wrong.

I get annoyed when someone has fallen in love with me and then doesn't want me being me. To paraphrase the great journalist Jeffrey Bernard, you don't stand on the railway tracks when you don't want to be hit by the train. My girlfriends knew what to expect before being with me.

I really hate when a girlfriend thinks she knows me better than I know myself. Don't start telling me why I did or said something when I tell you that it was for another reason. You can't read my thoughts.

And please stop using small knives when cooking. That makes me wince.

These are the general things. Apart from that I'm pretty easy going (or a complete nightmare but we'll not mention that).

Are wealthy people happier than poor and middle class people?

I don't believe that wealthy people are any happier than poor or middle class people because money cannot solve all problems, and everyone has problems. The wealthy may be happier financially, but life presents voluminous challenges and issues that not even money can

Does Mitt Romney wear traditional Latter-day Saint ("Mormon") undergarments?

Mitt Romney is, as far as I can tell, an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one who was sealed in the temple to his spouse and as such has gone through the temple ceremony known as the endowment. As I have not seen

My cheating husband is asking for a divorce. What should I do?

I am so sorry for situation you are going through and appreciate your decision to give your marriage chance.But wait a minute ,don't you think you should give a chance to re-think your decision .- He is already cheating you from past two and half