What are the least polluted countries and cities to live in Asia?

According to http://www.numbeo.com/pollution/... Mangalore. Tokyo is second (disregarding Bursa, Turkey as a valid Asian city) and Singapore 5th. Thimphu is not in the list, but should probably be ranked towards the top, as it has no industry, few vehicles, and a smallish opulation. However, Bhutan doesn't welcome immigration, and even regulates tourism tightly.
What are some good places for visiting and having fun in Mauritius?

Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a little island that will give you an occasion to recall for whatever remains of your life. Explorers will be awed by the lovely blue waters and dazzling tropical view. The island is the biggest of the

Would you consider France as one of the less gay friendly countries of western Europe?

Here's a photo of a banner on the Rouen city hall Shared album - Louis Cohen declaring that the city supports the worldwide struggle against homophobia.  My guess is that urban France is probably very progressive.  Things might be different in the conservative countryside, and in areas with many recent

Should I study with the TV turned on?

Probably not it's a huge distraction potential and maybe information overload to do both.I find when I am studying or reading on the web my comprehension and retention is significantly better without the TV on in here but probably not as important to have it off with casual web surfing