What are the lesser known Android tricks and hacks?

You may or may not know these tricks that I am listing here.
  1. Locate lost phone
    If you misplace/lose your phone then you can use this feature to locate your phone. Go to Google and enter "find my phone" in search bar. It will show the location of phone and also offers option to ring it. You have to have linked your phone to Google account.
  2. Remotely ring, locate, lock or erase device
    You can use Android Device Manager from web or any android device to locate, ring, lock and erase the device. If you lose your android phone then go to Android Device Manager, sign in to the same google account the lost phone is linked to. It offers three options of ring, lock and erase a device. Lock feature is really handy to replace current lock screen with a new password lock, a message, phone number and a call button to call the phone number entered. Anyone who finds the device can dial the number from the device.
  3. View maps offline
    Save an area of a map to phone and you can view it when you are offline.
    Search for destination, at the bottom touch the bar that has name of destination place you searched. At top right corner touch vertical line of three dots and select "Save offline map" to view it when you are not connected to Internet.
    To view saved maps, go to Maps > Your places > Saved places and select the one you want to view.
  4. Google voice typing
    You can make your phone type for you with your voice. To enable this feature go to Settings > Languages & Input > Keyboard & Input methods, make sure you have checked Google Voice Typing option.
    While typing speak out the words you want to type.
  5. Take screen shots
    If you want to take a screen shot of phone screen, just hold down Power button + Volume down keys. Works on almost every android mobile phone device.

    Thanks for A2A.

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