What are the long term effects of strength training?

Since the OP has asked, I will give him some information about strength training.

My main interest is not looking better or even living longer but in optimizing my cognition and other brain functions. And I think that weight training has a part to play in this brain health including improving cognition, sleep, mood. Resistance Training Improves Mental Health One way that weight training may help is by protecting the white matter of the brain. Lifting Weights, Twice a Week, May Aid the Brain Of course it also improves strength and thus helps to prevent falls in the elderly and improves self-esteem.

Here is what a 97 year old has to say about the effects of weight training and exercise for the elderly. Self-esteem played a big role in getting him to adopt a weight training regime. He was only 93 in the video.

My parents won't let me hug/kiss my boyfriend. How should I deal with this?

Wow. As a parent (of now grown children) this question confuses me too. The parent in me automatically responds "respect your parents damn it". Then the human side tells that side to shut up and relax. I wasn't nearly as strict as your parents, but I think good parents are always concerned for their child's well being. I'd

I'm a 5'8'', 135 lbs man, am I too skinny?

That depends on your build and musculature. Thomas Hearns was 6 foot one 145 pounds during his first fight with Sugar Ray Leonard (Google him). While he was lean, I wouldn't say he was too skinny.Too many people, especially younger guys, are in a hurry to gain weight. If you think you are too skinny,

I've been working out my abs for about 5 months now, I feel my muscles underneath a layer of fat in my stomach, how do I get rid of it,what exercises should I do? How long will it take?

You need to diet and eat less calories for those muscles to show up . So what you need to do is add some aerobic excercise to your life . Do a little every day instead of the average three times a week . And eat less calories . You don't have to cut out a good diet .