What are the major problems faced by Indians living abroad?

I live in USA. So my answer is specific to here. But should be applicable to everywhere in general.

A lot of problems faced by Indians here are solvable by a simple solution. Accept that you are not in India.

This is what my countrymen (and women) complain about:

1. Lack of good food.
You are in a different country. Of course it will not have Sambhar Rice or Paneer Masala on the menu in Olive Garden. You have to try new food and adjust yourself or just get used to cooking all the time.

I know some people who just don't like anything other than what they used to eat in India. Almost every one of those guys had not even tried any of the foreign food. Here is how few of my colleagues/friends in US act:
Pasta? Nope
Pizza? Maybe
Chicken - Is it curry? Then no
Wrap? - I don't eat wraps.
Sandwich? Who eats sandwiches and bread is bad for health
Burger? Bread. NOPE.
Pancakes? Never heard of them, sorry don't want to touch them
Waffles? WTF are those? Nope don't want
Any other American food? I don't know what it is and I don't want to know because it is not our food.

I am not even exaggerating, these are real experiences I had with multiple people from different states. All they need to do is, eat one morsel/piece of a food item to decide if they like it. But they don't. And they cry about it every day. And they make me go eat in shitty Indian restaurants that gives me diarrhea every time.

2. Transportation sucks.
Well, they are not wrong. Except some cities, public transportation sucks in USA. This is a real problem for people who don't drive. Or can't afford to buy and maintain a car. So far the only solution I see is buy a used cheap car and use it. Or live in an area with public transport access.

3. Communication problems.
A lot of Americans are not used to foreign accents so they have a real hard time understanding your English. It takes a while and a lot of practice to get over this problem. Just don't avoid talking to people because you fear they won't understand you. Don't worry about that, just talk. It gets better.

4. Cultural differences.
Indian people are considered rude by a lot of Americans and many Indian people have no idea why. It is the small things we forget to watch out for like: saying thanks and excuse me, giving way, holding doors open, acknowledging a smile (from strangers also), tone of voice while talking to people etc. Just being a nice person is not enough but you have to be able to show it in your actions.
I don't know how to tell this any more effectively. Stop asking people about the sex they have and their salary and their kids and their religion and every little misconception you had from television. They will tell you if they want. You don't go and ask.
This is a big cultural difference I see here.

5. Discrimination.
Yes this exists. Indians are very common in USA but that doesn't stop people from discriminating. So you might get treated a little differently at places. Plus falling under all other points from this answer doesn't really help.
But we have to remember that not all people are racist. And when you are victim of discrimination, just politely ask for what you deserved or just move on. It will take time to go away. Ignore it.

6. Indian Men and their lack of control on their *emotions*:
This is one point I rarely see being mentioned anywhere. May be because no one wants to acknowledge it. Women here wear more revealing clothes than many Indians have ever seen in real life. Open skin is something they can't handle well. Guys think they are sneaking a look at *stuff* when the girl doesn't know. LOL you are so wrong. Ladies here can confirm. This is almost never true, they always know. I have been in awkward situations where the guy with me can't help but stare at the cleavage of lady we were talking to. I could see him giving *that look* (every girl knows what I mean) to the lady while she kept getting more uncomfortable. Had to cut short the conversation and later got a text from the lady saying "Get your friend some porn." :D

Anyway, Indian men with their lack of control on their drooling at open skin, especially at white women/girls is a big issue no one talks about. There is no harm in looking, even ladies know/expect that, just don't get lost in it and forget why you were there.

1. For most of the things, I am not saying only Indian people do this, but this question is about us and we are not talking about any other countries here so I won't mention them.

2. Obviously this is a generic answer and does not mean ALL people are like this. I think quite a good percentage of Indians act well and don't need to read this answer.

3. You still have problem with this answer, as an American would say, f*** off.

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