What are the misconceptions of Columbia University in New York?

Well, people assume that the student body consists of purely far-left, borderline intolerant, constantly complaining privileged students. And while that may be partially/mostly true, there is a whole contingent that rejects this mentality. Unfortunately they often don't get a voice like their louder counterparts do, maybe because they are spending too much time learning and being a college student.

How do international travellers feel when they visit Thailand?

New experiences new opportunities. Good feelings when you respect the Thai people. They treat you like VIP but you have to be good for them.

How to get England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland flag emojis

are built into the iPhone's OS11, but as yet there is no Northern Ireland one which consists of the flag of StGeorge with a central motif comprising a six pointed star in white with the red hand of Ulster placed within it and the whole surmounted by a crown.