What are the most Powerful books on Influencing Human Behaviour?

I'm not sure. But apparently if you can break their attention away from an action it will be easier to influence them. Say a person is walking down the street and they have whatever on their minds.. If you're trying to get signatures for a wildlife petition, go up and tell them to sign and date. They won't really ask questions. Which is really odd. They don't know what they're signing and dating- but they're still going to sign it and date it randomly. Its been a social experiment before. The experimenters got these random subjects, mothers maiden names, email, phone number, home address, and signatures. They might have gotten more if they asked for it. Well commanded it. Makes you weirded out don't you think??

Is doing fitness 6 days a week 2 times a day too much overtraining?

If you are eating like a professional, sleeping like a baby, and managing lifestyle stress like a boss you'll be fine.However, I would ask you if you're really pushing yourself in your workouts?There isn't many professionals that will train twice a day, let alone six times a week.I would look

How and where does the power companies save electricity for future usage?

Generated AC voltage can not be stored except at home Inverter, batteries are charged to store electric energy for latter use during power outage.But there are technics to economize electrical production.Managing demand: Electrical supply company try to match demand and supply. For e.g. if there is less demand, hydro-electric power generation reduces dam water