What are the most beautiful, serene, and least known places to visit in China?

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I love traveling. I am driving around 4000km averagely in the last 5 years to visit different places in China. My parents took me to visit big cities like Beijing and Shanghai so the genes of traveling is like built in my body when I was growing. I am no longer satisfied with those well known tourist places where crowds of people are visiting. I am hoping to discover some places with nice scenery and historical stories.

Dongchuan Red Land:

It's because the soil has lots of iron and aluminum inside that makes it look red. Dongchuan is about 200km north of Kunming, Yunnan's capital. Although it's not that far in distance, it has taken us a full day to get there from Kunming because we had to drive across lots of mountains, ups and downs, however, when you reach there, you would feel it's worth to take the trouble.

Guizhou Province

My pick is Sayram Lake (赛里木湖) , an alpine lake located near the border of China with Kazakhstan. It is an enchanting place that makes you think you're somewhere in Switzerland, yet few people know about it. Yes, there are quite a few Chinese tourists visiting the site during the summer, but it's nothing like the hordes of people in places like Yellow Mountain, Guilin, and the Great Wall.

For "serene, natural beauty" head as far west as you can get. Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, and Gansu are all heavens for nature enthusiasts. These are not destinations for the faint-hearted; temperatures can be harsh, tourist accommodations few, English speakers next to none, and transportation only labelled in Chinese, but if you have the time and resources (and if you cannot speak Chinese, strongly consider getting a friend who does to go with you) you will be surprised after visiting the cities in the east which are some of the most densely populated places on Earth.

The Karakoram Highway (中巴國際公路) which connects China and Pakistan is a particular favourite for completely still landscapes. There are very few people ever on this road, and it's not fully traversible for about 5-6 months each year due to harsh weather conditions and extreme altitudes.

China is huge with a great physical diversity. Some places are worthy to visit but is not well known among people due to the traffic or geography isolation.

Here are some of the most beautiful and least known places that I know, it not only incude the natural beauty and unique landscape of China but also the cultural heritage of the Ancient China.

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Xinhua Valley, Xinjiang

Yunnan, a picturesque province be praised as "The South of Clouds" in southwest of China, is a place where we had been thinking about a road trip for years. This idea was finally turned into action in May which is a nice season with everything growing and flowers blooming.

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