What are the most common injuries lifting and how can I prevent them?

The most common injuries I hear lifters complain of are all joint related.

Knees, elbows, shoulders. Lower back problems also come up a lot.

These injuries may first occur during your ego lifting phase, which arrives about a year after you start lifting.

You've made some solid gains, you're looking good, and you think you can keep this progression up forever.

Well sorry eager beaver, but that ain't happening.

More likely, you'll exeperience joint injuries as a result of your desperate attempts to power through a strength plateau as you come out of the ego lifting phase.

You think wriggling out a one rep max looking like you're getting fucking tasered will bring you gains?

It won't. It'll ruin your joints.

And thirdly, you may experience joint pain just because you're old or because you were poorly made.

Don't shoot the messenger, OK? Blame your parents for breeding when they shouldn't have.

It pisses me off when gym bros ‘lift' weights far too heavy for them, then act surprised when they have sore joints.

It's like obese people complaining that their doctor has done nothing to fix their knee pain except ‘nagging' them about their weight.

Don't be an idiot. Reduce the weight or change your routine if you want to continue making gains.

Also, flexibility exercises like yoga and Pilates have proved to be a perfect remedy for a lot of bodybuilders and power athletes.

Not only will increased flexibility help your joints and your body overall, but it will also help with your gains by lengthening your muscles.

When I started doing stretch routines at the end of each workout, the results were noticeable quite quickly.

If you want to be in shape for the long haul and you enjoy lifting, listen to your body and don't get arthritis before you're 35th birthday.

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