What are the most creative website designs?

When we talk about creativity, I really liked the website of Pearman. Here check the link:
This website is amazingly creative. You wont be able to leave the page without completely going trough the entire website.
It scores high on the following parameters:
•Interactive interface
•Intuitive navigation
•Animated and colorful design with subtle colors
•Well framed content about the company
•Case studies explain the business and its achievements

Check out this extremely creative website designs which is mady by best web designer and Graphic Designers

Lauren Wickware

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I ran across these designs earlier today and thought they were pretty creative.  50 Awesome Websites with Extraordinary Geometry Elements.

These are some designs that take advantage of new html elements that make for a very modern and clever layout.  It's a lot of work, but it is certainly a one of a kind design.

Since there are millions of websites narrowing it down is pretty impossible. Really it's a matter of perspective and taste, if you ask 10 different people you'd get 10 different answers. Here is a good link though which has some of the top creative websites for 2015 there is some good stuff here...

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