What are the most effective body weight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises can be very effective for building muscle mass. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that calisthenic moves are only good for warming up or getting lean. That's wrong.

I mean have you ever looked at a male gymnast physique at the Olympics, those dudes are jacked. And as far as I know, they mainly train with bodyweight movements. So, yes it is effective for building muscle mass.

If I am to choose the most effective ones for building muscle mass, I would choose the following:


What is your biggest marketing challenge as an affiliate?

Probably one of the biggest challenges every affiliate marketer faces is tracking their ad campaigns performance. A good marketer is not the one who can set up an appealing ad offer (still, this is important as well), but who can analyze the ad

What are some keys to a successful romantic relationship?

Success means a lot of things to a lot of people so this answer is based on my own personal experience.To me a successful romantic relationship is based on a couple things.Intimacy, Security, and StatusOne - IntimacyIntimacy to me is very important because I believe that a physical connection

How to become a professional athlete

Being a professional athlete is the easy part but being the best at your sport is the hard one.First of all i would tell you to know your passion, like which sport you've been practicing/ playing/ watching film of from a couple of years.Secondly, arrange