What are the most haunted places in Kerala?

4 Most Haunted Places In Kerala You Need To Visit Tonight Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel booking

Kerala, a state in south India is located on the Malabar Coast and is known as one of the most popular tourist destination in India. Talking about the spooky attractions, there are some locations to creep you out and that is where we introduce you to 4 most haunted places in Kerala to spook you out. A formidable cross way to a gruesome Mansion, from a doleful trekking forest to a gristly temple, we have the variety of creepy locations in this list. And yeah, we will not let you miss the dark side that is a fearful and poignant story of their possession. If you love ghost adventures, we would suggest you visit the first three haunted places in Kerala. Given, the fourth place is not appropriate for a particular spirit sighting.

Lakkidi Gateway, Kerala Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel booking

Lakkidi gateway is known as the shortest route to pass the Thamarassery Ghat pass. Years ago this route was known to very few locals and the remaining population used to take another lengthy route to cross it. Even if you are a resident of Kerala, we doubt whether you know about the mysterious secret of Karinthandan route... a secret that would make clear why this route is considered as one of some most haunted places in Kerala.

Located in Wayanad district of the Kerala state, Lakkidi gateway was once untouched and accessible to very few nomads living in that area. In the colonial rule, a British engineer was in search for the better conveying possibilities and in this process he met Karinthandan. Karinthandan, a local nomad was very familiar of every jerk and bumps of the whole area. He helped the engineer to find Lakkidi, the shortest crossway to Thamarassery. The English engineer, in returned, gifted him a quick passage to God. He seemed to attain the credit to discover the shortest route but couldn't keep it for long. The soul was not called off and since then, it is believed that the whole area is haunted by the ghost of Karinthandan. Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel booking

For exorcism, a priest was called off to prison the roaming soul under. The Procedure began and the priest forced the ghost to tie in a chain. Later, the creepy chain was attached into a small tree. To the wonder, the chain has grown with the growth of the tree. People believe it to be the soul of the dead that has not freed it till now. Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel booking

Many old tales and legends have his spirit wanders frequently on the passage. In dark midnights, many a trespassers have noticed heart-ripping creepy voices while few have witnessed to see a black semi-nude apparition that disappears suddenly. There are many unsaid stories about Lakkidi haunting, making it one of some real haunted places in Kerala today. Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel booking

Haunted Bonacaud Bungalow, Kerala

Deep into Bonacaud region of Trivandrum, there stands a vintage styled bungalow and is said to be one of few most haunted places in Kerala. It was built by an English family during the British rule in India. It is spread over 2512 acres of pure nature- waterfalls, valleys, and enticing hill forests. The surrounding was once used to be a magnificent tea estate. Correlate the happening 135 years back and revert back to old times when a cruel incident, a ferocious one indeed happened. The action day was an absolute nightmare for the family living there and later, this alluring bungalow has to face all the rejections that turned it into a dilapidated spot.

40 Kilometers away from Trivandrum, this bungalow is addressed as GB 25 and was built in 1951.

When you would step into this ramshackle mansion, you find vandalized doors and broken windows. This magnificent British architected house appears spooky and classic. It is said that the young children of the Bungalow owner died in mysterious circumstances. Later, the couple headed back to London and left the construction deserted. It is considered that the young's soul wanders frequently in the surroundings. Sounds such as breaking of glass, disembodied voices and screaming of a child can be easily heard in the night. Few trespassers have claimed to see the ghost boy's apparition standing on the door. This place might seem a tourist attraction in the sunlight but after darkness fall, Bonacaud bungalow becomes absolute horrid and thus, it is also counted as one of some most haunted places in Kerala where a soul wanders in the air.

Trichur Forest, Kerala Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel booking

If you are a travel enthusiast, love nature and been living in Kerala, I bet you know about the forest around Trichur. Don't you? Well, you would be amazed to know that Trichur forest is in the list of 5 most haunted places in Kerala. Let me elaborate the scenario to help you understand.

Spreading around the town, the forest is known as a perfect spot for trekking and adventure. During the day, it is a fun spot but when the sun calls its rays back, the forest turns into an absolute macabre of a place. We have a couple of cases where people felt fierce happenings and some of them had witnessed the paranormal. Many people that come to Trichur forest for camping and stay at night have reported of hearing some mysterious noises including a child's voice. Some of them have witnessed to see a boy's apparition that didn't respond. Best Travel agency based in India For Tour Package and Hotel

The mysterious boy's ghost is said to continuously stare in blank and doesn't harm anyone. The wanderer soul disappears in the morning, leaving the adventure lovers awestruck. Due to the presence of a boy ghost, the bumps are accepted as one of the top 4 most haunted places in Kerala. If you are an adventure lover, we suggest you to camp in the forest during dark to encounter otherworldly occurrences. And yeah, take corrective measures and beware from wild animals.

Sabrimala, Kerala

Sabrimala is an eminent temple located in Kerala is known as one of the most ancient temples in India. This prominent temple houses the main deity Sree Ayyappa. Every year, on 14th January, an awful happening take place here and proves Sabrimala one of some holy haunted places in Kerala. Haunted because, it bounds a spirit and as it holds a bountiful soul it is called holy.

There are many old tales famous about Sabrimala temple. On every makara sankranti, a celestial lighting has been spotted every year on a particular hilltop. This incident has happened since the history and became a reason to think upon. The majority of commoners consider it as a blessing of Lord Ayyappa himself that is said to bless the devotees every Sankranti. But on the other side, few people think it is an evil spirit that was killed by Lord Ayyappa.

Every year, on 14th February the ghost tries to enter the land and Lord Ayyappa checks him in the sky with a war. Every year the evil is ended with a flash in the sky. Whatever legend is true but in every case, this place holds a soul and from a religious point of view, Sabarimala is one of the few most haunted places where evil is ended by the almighty.

For now, we have this much on haunted places in Kerala. If you are the paranormal investigator or an adventure lover and like to spend an investigation hour in the state of spice, we suggest you the above-mentioned places.

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